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K. pauses on 34th Street while on her way to the Village. August 2006.

Transgender people comprise the highest proportion of homeless LGBT youth. In particular, they are often denied access to shelter services, particularly in shelters that segregate clients based on birth sex. Discrimination and lack of identification that reflects their chosen name and gender makes it hard for many young transwomen to find a legal job, leaving sex work as one of the few options available to them. 

Photographer Samantha Box spent six years documenting Sylvia’s Place, NYC’s only emergency shelter for LGBT youth. See the photos here.

these photos are beautiful. and the black and white suits them so well.

It should be noted that trans* people are harassed by the police in many major cities and that a significant portion of anti-LGBT violence target trans* people. These things need to change.


Nicaraguan guerrinna sister breast feeding her baby during the Contra War. Orlando Valenzuela’s photography captures the femininity of revolutionary Sandinista women so beautifully.

“I have learned that a woman can be a fighter, a freedom fighter, a political activist, and that she can fall in love and be loved. She can be married, have children, be a mother. Revolution must mean life also; every aspect of life.” Leila Khaled

(Source: aroseinthebarrelofanak47)

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